Cheerleading Competition Rules

  1. No cheerleader may participate in building or stunts in practice, games, or competition without a signed Release Waiver of Liability form. These must be turned into the Cheer Coordinator.
  2.  Ages are as follows as of August 1 st :
    Bronze 5-7 Years of age
    Silver 8-9 Years of age
    Gold 10-12 Years of age
    NOTE: Each participant must turn in a copy of his/her birth certificate. These will be use in the event of a challenge. A
    cheerleader may cheer up 1 age group, but may not cheer down an age group. A cheerleader will only be allowed to
    compete with 1 squad.
  3. Cheerleaders are prohibited from wearing jewelry of any kind while in uniform. Medical alert tags must be taped to the body. Cheerleaders must wear cheerleading attire (including bloomers) and soft-soled tennis shoes or cheerleading shoes at all times.
  4. The Cheer Competition will be held on November 9, 2019 from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM which is right before the Championship game. Gates will be open at 8:00 AM. We will find out where the game will be held on Monday, November 4, 2019. The hosting location will need to make sure concessions are available by the start of the Competition and make sure all sound equipment is working properly.
  5. Cost of admission to the Cheer Competition will be the same as admission for the football games. Football players will get in free as long as they have on a current jersey from their perspective league. All coaches and league personnel must have their ID card in order to get in free: otherwise they will pay the admission to get in. The only personnel allowed in the Competition area with their perspective squads will be League Personnel, Coaches, and Cheer Coordinator.
  6. During the Competition, cheerleaders will cheer for their respective team and not against one another. No team names will be used in cheers other than the team the squad cheers for. EXAMPLE: The Tigers may cheer using Tigers in the cheer but may not use the name of the Bobcats, an opposing team that is also in the league. The Tigers may however use the name Wildcats in their cheer since there is not a team named Wildcats in the league.
  7. Basic Rules for Cheerleaders and Coaches during the Competition:
    1. When entering the Competition area, please enter and exit as quickly as possible. Placement of props should take place immediately after the previous performance is concluded. Please do not wait until you are announced to go out and place your props.
    2. For the Bronze team ONLY, the coach may assist in placing any props that are needed in the routine, and the coach can assist them as spotters when needed.
    3. Tumbling is not required in any of the events but can be incorporated if you choose to do so.
  8. Four events will be included in the competition:
    1. First Event-Chant: Chants are short and repetitive and normally have very few elements other than arm motions. Squads are allowed to interact with the crowd prior to, during and/or after the chant to gain crowd interaction.
    2. Second Event-Cheer: Cheers with movement out of position and/or build. Bronze squads choosing to build cannot build anything above waist level. Silver and Gold squads choosing to build cannot build higher than shoulder level. The flyer must have one foot in contact with the base at all times during any stunt, and the other foot cannot be higher than the flyer’s waist. All stunts must have a back spot…even the small ones. No cradling out and no basket tosses.
    3. Third Event-Dance: Dance must be a minimum of 1 minute and cannot exceed 1 ½ minutes. Builds are acceptable, but must follow the above build rules.
    4. Fourth Event-Individual Jump-off: A maximum of 3 girls from each squad may be selected by their coach to participate. This event will not be included in the scoring for overall awards. Jumps of choice may be Toe Touch, Herkie, Hurdler, or Pike. Names of participants and jumps must be submitted to Mark Prestridge or Roger Key at least 2 weeks prior to the Competition.

Jump off winners will receive plaques. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. per age group.

Overall winners will receive large group trophies and each individual of the winning team will receive medals.

The league will select judges for the Competition. The judges must have prior knowledge of cheerleading, may not be related to any participant, and must include at least on nonbiased judge that has no affiliation to the host school. Each league must have a representative available to approve final scores. Once scores are reviewed and approved by league representatives, winners will be announced. If challenged and an error is found, the error will be adjusted and the deserving team will receive the appropriate awards.

Download Waiver by clicking here.

Download a copy of the rules by clicking here.