League Rules:

All coaches and players must follow the rules of the league. The rules are to promote the safety and sportsmanship of our league.

  1. Any coach ejected from a game will be banned from coaching in our league.
  2. If a City Rec team fails to show up to a game they will lose the right to participate in playoff games and the City Rec league team that fails to show will be fined $500.00 to be donated to the home team.
  3. Any player ejected from a game will set out the remainder of the game and the entire following game for first offense , second offense player will forfeit their season.
  4. Zero tolerance policy for violence or the threat of violence by any player, coach, or parent and will result in being removed from the league.
  5. Tie breakers at the end of the season will be decided by head to head competition.  If no head to head , then overall record. if still no tie breaker will flip coin .
  6. A city may split and make multiple teams but only if they able to have the same amount of teams in every age group.  League will not allow to split a team without splitting every age group due to scheduling.

Admission:  Adults…$5.00, Students…$3.00, Pre-School …Free

Game times:  Bronze…10am, Silver…11:15am, Gold…12:30pm

Age Groups

Bronze Teams: Ages 5,6 and 7 , cutoff date before August 1, of current year. Weight limit of 80 pounds for offensive  ball carrying positions , players over 80 pounds can not play offensive  ball carrying positions . Weight limit of 80 pounds for outside linebackers and defensive backs. Players over 80 pounds are not allowed to play outside linebackers or defensive back positions.

Silver Teams: Ages 8 and 9, cutoff date before August 1, of current year. Weight limit of 100 pounds for offensive ball carrying positions, players over 100 pounds can not play offensive ball carrying positions. Weight limit of 100 pounds for outside linebackers and  defensive backs. Players over 100 pounds are not allowed to play outside linebackers or defensive back positions.

Gold Teams: Ages 10, 11 and 12, cutoff date before August 1, of current year. Weight limit of 120 pounds for offensive ball carrying positions, players over 120 pounds can not play offensive ball carrying positions. Weight limit of 120 pounds for outside linebackers and  defensive backs. Players over 120 pounds are not allowed to play outside linebackers or  defensive back positions.

Offensive positions weight restrictions: Include running backs, quarterbacks, tight ends, wide receivers, and punters.

Defensive positions weight restrictions: Include outside linebackers, cornerbacks, safetys and punt returners.

All Conference Trophies:  1 seed 8 trophies, 2 seed 7 trophies, 3 seed 6 trophies, 4 seed 5 trophies, 5,6,7, and 8 seed 4 trophies.  All Conference trophies are based on regular season standings.

Football practice:

Practice may begin on August 7, 2018.  Practice will be shorts and helmets only on August 7th and 8th, full pads can start on August 9,2018 with limited contact. Regular full pad practices may begin on August 14, 2018. Water breaks every 20 minutes while it’s hot.

Recommended:  League recommends  that each coach have someone vedio games for them,  if there a rule violation they can submit it to the league officers for determination. It is up to coaches to provide this to the league if they feel there was a rule violation.

Game Rules:

All league games played are under high school rules with the following exceptions:
1)    Point after attempts, if go for it from the 3 yard line its 1 point, If go for it from the 5 yard line 2 points.

2)   Bronze age groups play 6 minute quarters, Silver and Gold age groups play 8 minute quarters.

There will NO live Kicking of any Kind and No Field Goal Attempts.

3)   No Kickoffs on the Bronze , and Silver Groups. Ball will be spotted on the 40 yard   line. GOLD groups will be allowed to simulate a dead ball kick off, then ball be spotted at the 40 yard line.

4) No Punting on Bronze, Silver, or Gold  groups.  The ball will be marked off 25 yards but not inside the 20 yard line. 

5) No Game will end in a tie. First overtime ball will be placed at the 10 yard line. Second overtime and more ball will be placed at the 5 yard line. Third and remaining overtimes ball will be spotted at the 5 yard line and must go for 2 points on extra point attempt.

6) Bronze Groups will allow one coach on the field but coach should remain 5 yards behind the deepest player from scrimmage and remain quiet once players are in position. There will be a 35 second play clock once the ball is whistle in play.

7) All Coaches on the field or on the sideline must have a coaches pass, any coach without a pass will be asked to leave the field immediately.

8) Home Teams are responsible for paying Referees and having people to run the chains, P.A. and Clock operators.

9) Visiting Team will be responsible for making sure jersey color is different from the home team

10) Players that are over the ball carrier weight must wear jerseys 50 thru 79 and will have a neon green sticker on the front and back of there helment, any Coach or Coaches  swapping helments will be discredited from coaching and the team will forfeit any chance of the playoffs.

11) Bronze  K-2 Size Footballs, Silver Groups TDJ Size Footballs, and Gold TDY Size Footballs.

12) Bronze and Silver age groups no nose guard , Defensive guards must be lined up head of offensive guards, middle  linebackers must be 3 yds deep stacked behind the defensive guard,  Except inside the 10 yard line. Gold age groups are allowed nose guard, except on field goals and extra point kick.

13) 25 point mercy rule , once a team is ahead by 25 points the game is officially over,  no matter what the outcome and the clock will become a running clock .  Both teams must substitute there primary players for the remainder of the game.  This means your starting quarterback and starting backs must be substituted . If you do not have enough players to substitute everyone then your starting quarterback and running backs must play on the offensive line. This means they should be substituted on defense as well..  Running the score up on a team intentionally will not be tolerated by the league. The league is based on sportsmanship and developing players . If a coach refuses to follow these rules the league can and will enforce them. If both coaches agree before the game and get with the head official the game can end once the 25 point rule is met. But only if this is decided before the game and both head coaches are in agreement , otherwise each coach is obligated to follow the mercy rule to the letter.

A) First offense of a coach running up the score and not substituting, head coach  will be suspended for the next game.

B) Second offense of a coach running up the score the league will make the team forfeit the game and lose there all conference trophies and will not be allowed to participate in the playoffs.

14) NO Tobacco on the field.

15) Any Coach Ejected from a game will be removed from coaching.

16) Home Teams will provide a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff for security at their games.

17) Officials will implement heat time outs while it is hot half way through each quarter.

18) 15 minutes will be put on clock between games to allow players a warm up period.

19) Seeding for the playoffs will be determined by teams record. If there is a tie, head to head competition will be first tie breaker , if multiple teams with same record and no clear cut tie breaker, then it be determine by flip of the coin.

20) Sportsmanship each team will line up at the 50 yard line immediately following the game and shake hands with opposing players.

Cheerleading and dance lines:

  1. Building will not be allowed on the sidelines , but will be a option at halftime.  But ONLY if Building  complies with the Cheer competition rules. you must have adult trained qualified spotter on the field, and have written permission from your city director.
  2. Sponsors need to make sure music is appropriate for the cheerleaders or dance squads.
  3. Sponors must conduct themselves in an approximate manner and NO cursing or swearing .
  4. All cheerleaders and dance lines must attend jamborees and playoff games.
  5. Bronze age groups 5,6,and 7. Silver age groups 8 and 9. Gold age groups 10,11, and 12
  6. Practices may begin August 7, 2018
  7. If home team is having a homecoming or if a team has a dance line, cheerleaders must perform before the game and visiting team sponsors should contact home team prior to game to go over when performing.


Weigh-in will be held the day of the Jamboree Games by the weigh-in committee. Each team will report to a League Officer at the designated weigh-in area 1 hour before their designated game time. Weigh-in scales will be furnished by the league.  It is strongly suggested that you check the weight of your players prior to the weigh-in. No coach at any time will run a player in plastic bags, use diet pills, or any other means that would endanger the welfare of the child. Please be ready and on time.

1) A Tallapoosa River Officer must be present at all weigh-ins.

2) Must have your team roster printed or typed (players will be weighed in the order of our roster).

3) Must have birth certificate for each player (in accordance with AHSAA).

4) Each player must be wearing their game jersey and the number or numbers for that player must be used all season.

5) A video tape will be made of each player.

6) All players, in order to be eligible, must be at the weigh-in.

7) If a player cannot be at the Jamboree their team plays, they must have a letter from their parent stating why and be weighed before their jamboree at a date set by the league officials.

8) Copies of the forms will be given out for weigh-in. Fill out everything except for the space for weight and birth certificate.  A Tallapoosa River Officer will fill those in at the weigh-in.

9) All coaches are welcome to come to all weigh-ins to observe, although we ask that everyone remain quiet. If you have a question, we will be glad to address them.

 Jamboree Games:

Jamboree Games will consist of two 8 minute quarters of a running clock. Each Team will have one quarter of offense and defense. No Kick offs at any age group. The ball will be spotted at the 40 yard line. Each team gets one time out per game. Cheerleaders perform prior to their teams game.