Notice: Handley High School New Field Rules

Only WATER  is allowed on the field. No gum, food, sports drinks or cola. This goes for both kids and adults. No one is allowed on the track. There are places new grass has been planted , no one is allowed on the grass. There will be a mat laid out to access on and off the field. The visitor side must be accessed by the top route to the left of the gate entrance. Coaches prepare your players, fans, and other coaches before the game. These rules will be strictly enforced, violators will be ejected. There is warm up area on the baseball field if you want to warm team up prior to game.


Gates will open at 8:00 , Weigh in Starts at 8:30 am.  Teams must report to weigh-in an hour before there jamboree game.     

Jamboree Schedule     Date:   Sept 7, 2019   Location:    Randolph County

Time                                       Visitors side                                        Home side

9:30 am                             Woodland  Bronze                       Clay Central  Bronze

10:00 am                           Woodland Silver                            Clay Central Silver

10:30 am                           Woodland Gold                               Clay Central Gold

11:00 am                           Heflin Bronze                          Horseshoe Bend Bronze

11:30 am                           Heflin Silver                              Horseshoe Bend Silver

12:00 pm                           Heflin Gold                                 Horseshoe Bend Gold

12:30 pm                         Roanoke Bronze                                Wadley Bronze

1:00 pm                           Roanoke Silver                                    Wadley Silver

1:30 pm                            Roanoke Gold                                      Wadley Gold

2:00 pm                            Ranburne  Bronze                        Randolph Co. Bronze

2:30 pm                            Ranburne Silver                            Randolph Co. Silver

3:00 pm                            Ranburne Gold                               Randolph Co. Gold

                                               Regular Season Schedule 2019

                            Kick off times  Bronze 10am, Silver 11:15, Gold 12:30

Date                                 Home                                                 Visitors

Sept 14                         Clay Central                                        Wadley

                                    Horseshoe Bend                                Randolph Co.

                                         Ranburne                                            Heflin


Sept 21                         Heflin                                                Randolph Co.

(Conference)             Roanoke                                            Clay Central

                                      Ranburne                                        Horseshoe Bend

                                     Woodland                                              Wadley


Sept 28                        Roanoke                                               Ranburne

                                 Horseshoe Bend                                   Clay Central

                                      Wadley                                               Randolph Co.

                                       Heflin                                                   Woodland


Oct 5                         Randolph Co.                                            Roanoke

( Conference )        Clay Central                                               Heflin

                                    Woodland                                          Horseshoe Bend

                                     Ranburne                                                 Wadley


.Oct 12                        Wadley                                                      Heflin

                                    Randolph Co.                                         Woodland

                                  Horseshoe Bend                                       Roanoke   

                                     Clay Central                                           Ranburne


Oct 19                           Wadley                                            Horseshoe Bend

( Conference )             Heflin                                                    Roanoke                 

                                      Woodland                                               Ranburne


Oct 26    ( Sept 14)     Roanoke                                             Woodland       

                ( Oct 19 )      Randolph Co.                                      Clay Central